Last night I went to OMO Generations to see Lady Gaga’s debut performance in London. What a treat that was. Although slightly disappointed with the length of the set, you can really tell that she’s an uber pop professional. Singing “Love Game”, “Beautiful Dirty Rich” and “Just Dance”, Lady Gaga and her troupe of dancers were nothing short of phenominal. The highlight for me was whenever the Gaga lit up her trademark disco stick (which really looks like a giant raw sugar stick). At one point in the show she even rubbed it provocatively in between her legs – even Madonna doesn’t do that anymore on stage! Joined by DJ Space Cowboy on stage, the whole 15 minute experience truly was just that – an experience.

But as we all know Lady Gaga surely had a few punchy quips up her sleeve and for her debut performance in London, as she had this to say to the crowd…

“Some of you know me already and some of you don’t. But you’ll always remember me London. I am the one wearing the Communist red“….

I am almost a little embarrassed to say this, but I fucking went nuts trying to grab a copy of the Space Cowboy/Lady Gaga promo CDs the staff were throwing out to the audience afterwards. There is a hot song on there called “My Egyptian Lover” that Space Cowboy and Lady Gaga performed during the set as well. Expect “Just Dance” to go to number one in the UK Charts very soon.