Krewella1Showing out their hot skills, EDM trio Krewella are proving every bit as young and exuberantly sassy as their whacky image.Yet the Chicago threesome thrust a well crafted arsenal of signature-blended electro, bended deep in dubstep formulated with a soupcon of spiky pop that is riotously engaging with masses of appeal.

If anything we learn from the ethos of their debut EP “Play Hard” that these bright things of electro dance music are more musicworldly than their tiny years imply and behind the youthful colourful personas lie three incredibly dedicated and innovative creators that will take hitting the big time in their stride.

So I’m going to step aside and allow Krewella to continue with their introduction.

I guess we are ready to get Krewella crazy now, let’s fuel up first with “Alive” from their debut EP “Play Hard”, just wait until the EDM break kicks in, it will zip you straight into the wet zone for a soaking of buzz and rush techno-head velocity

Hey wait up, we’re still ready to party some more ……yes? Let’s go in for the double dip of Krewella then!  “Alive” has been hitting on the radars for months now, but just impacting is a stonking remix package to accompany “Come & Get It” the 2nd  track release off of the EP.

These 6 shades of remix are all of the mind melting and dripping in hot dub breaks kind with a defining note of electro intelligence amongst the squelchiest and sleaziest of motherducking slapped basslines.

All hail Krewella the new dominatrix’s of EDM pop and their remix compatriots, Savoy, Rogue, Razihel, The Chaotic Good, Kairo Kingdom and DMNDZ for giving up this über package of fierce as FREE download via their Facebook page.

In this tumblr and twitter age it is worth trying to remember your Facebook password to scoop up these fierce babies.


Encore with the party and snap up the “Play Hard” EP