Robyn’s mad scientist and partner-in-crime Kleerup officially amazes me with the release of his tracks "Longing For Lullabies" featuring Titiyo and "Tower Of Trellick" that are available now from iTunes.

Kleerup is one of those dudes on the music scene that I am a little too afraid to talk to. Whenever I’ve seen him perform live with Little Miss Powerhouse he just has such an intensity about him that just says "I’m too-brilliant-for-you-and-you-fucking-know-it-so-step off" kinda vibes about him. And it’s not in a cocky way at all – he just has so much talent oozing off of him in a throbbing electrical aura that it makes me want to bow down in respect. I’m sure he’s nothing but a teddy bear in real life (just like Robyn), but for now I’ll shyly admire him from a distance until he comes up to me and say’s "Hey – who the hell are you?" at the next afterparty…LOL.

Here’s the beautifully simple video to "Longing For Lullabies" that I am obsessed with at the moment. I hope you love it as much as I do. Please make sure you support Kleerup by purchasing his tracks. I would definitely love to hear a full-length album from him because he is 50% of the reason why Robyn is so massively successful at the moment…And even if Robyn wasn’t around – this guy would still have me in audio fixation.

Longing For Lullabies featuring Titiyo

And don’t they just look too fucking adorable in this candid photo..