Ulla Nova 3

Another day, another new artist who’s online face toes the line of intrigue.

Practically devoid of information and paired with only fleeting peak-a-boo images that hold no clues to the identity of the London based enigma that presents before us as Ulla Nova.

We should maybe crack on to the matter in hand of the first listenable matter “Kid From London” that has dropped down onto a Soundcloud by way of introduction.

As the track opens it becomes clear that Ulla Nova’s message of intrigue is a shroud that makes way for shock value, as from the off-set of a glitchy pummelling intro section, “Kid From London” openly manifests into eclectically diverse directions, greeted at first by the listening ear to a verse carried by a hip-hop rap exchange that is subsequently overlaid upon a swooping bassline.

As the chorus kicks in, the extent of Ulla Nova’s pop chameleon nature is further revealed through a fully enveloping kaleidoscopic strand of sonically strung upper reaching euphoria that exults with otherworldly radiance, – and the pattern continues to alternate.

Kid From London” is one of those tracks that you’ll probably take one listen too and think what was that! All the same it’s likely that you’ll hit play again and again, and again and again, not because you’re trying to make sense of it, since I don’t think that can happen, but because of it’s force of subliminal mystique will claim you like voodoo.