Ambition and dedication are qualities hard to ignore. Indie pop artist KennyD, formerly from Houston, Texas, is putting all his time and effort into his music career with successful results to show. His debut single, “Outta Nowhere“, is a traditional dance/pop piece about unexpected love and affection. Fierce, fashionable, good-looking, talented, what’s not to like?

After appearing on Nickelodeon’s Victorious as a dancer for two seasons, KennyD focused his attention on making new music when the opportunities of moving to Los Angeles presented themselves. Self-written and produced with the help of Noah Diamond and Luke Tozour, “Outta Nowhere” features fast-paced verses and an infectious hook and chorus with a dance-friendly beat. “I need to know what we could be, I think my heart just skipped a beat”, the artist sings. Incredibly cute.

The work of independent artists goes unfortunately unnoticed most of the time, but not when the artist is as determined as KennyD. “Outta Nowhere” is a good debut, not entirely perfect, but the new single does feature a great vocal performance, sincere lyrics and top notch production that will get anyone up on their feet. This is only the beginning for the Texas native, looking forward to what’s coming next.

Outta Nowhere” is available for free download on KennyD’s Soundcloud page.