When animal rights group PETA sent Kelis a personal letter damning her for wearing fur, they MUST have been looking for an argument.  The outspoken singer decided that if you're going to go throw stones about wearing fur, then you should at least see it from her point-of-view.

Read Kelis' response to PETA on her MySpace blog…it's quite entertaining.

Fair enough I say.  Kelis does bring up some good points and I think the key to getting your point across these days is to not single anyone out.  People have to change their minds for a good reason, on their own and attacking people in written form isn't really the best way to go about change.  Kelis' point about "insulin" does make me think though…

Arrgh, yes, the world is a fucked up place with many contradictions.  The only thing certain though is that Kelis makes some damn fine music – so let's just celebrate and listen to "Acapella" again shall we…

Please note: No animals were harmed making this David Guetta produced track.