A lot of you have asked me what I think of Ke$ha and you know what, I really thought she was just a throw away it girl of the moment and just "trashtastic", but after getting to know her a little bit when she did an interview on Larry Flick's Morning Jolt show last week – I have changed my tune – a bit.

She's alright.  She has a few good songs on her album and "Blah Blah Blah" is one of them…My favourite though has to be "Take It Off" though…she's such a gay dude trapped in a hot girls's bod.

Now – if we are being honest here too – I HATE the UK video to "Tik Tok" that they play constantly.  Mostly because I can't stand Dirty Nasty (I prefer his softer persona Simon Rex), but if she would have made a video like this one instead, it could have changed my whole opinion about her entirely…