Kesha Deconstructed

By Mandy Rogers

Pop tease Ke$ha is definitely on the march to stomp on those
rumourings of vocal enhancement.

Ke$ha turns pop slayer on this acoustically stripped
performance of her current hit “Die Young” and in doing so unleashes a
sensitised vulnerability that kicks out the over-polished production veneer and
is actually pop Princess preened to a pinnacle of emotive amazingness that I have
never felt from Ke$ha before.

So plan is along with another track “Supernatural” from her
upcoming album “Warrior” teamed with “Blow” and “The Harold Song” from previous
releases of “Animal” and “Cannibal” – including a cover of Dolly Parton’s
Can’t Hold A Candle To You”, that Ke$ha will release these tracks as an
exclusive acoustic EP “Deconstructed” through her website on December 4th

A whole new perspective devoid of the schmultz and glitter and well, you
shine ke$ha, you shine!

Die Young - Ke$ha