Temara Melek 2

It is true, the world of pop stands still for no-one, there’s always some bright young slip of a thing, showing promise of the capability to do great things waiting stage right in the wings and poised to topple the tiara off a pop princess.

Of course, one of the contributing factors to make this happen has to be the spectacularly sunshine powered happy-go-lucky infectious pop song, if you’ve got that at your disposal then you’re well on the way to achieving a little shake-up in the established music scene.

Poised to do just that is L.A teen sensation Temara Melek, who has at hand contributions from the production team behind Miley Cyrus’s career and also The Voice USA 2012 winner Cassadee Pope onboard to foot her journey to pop stardom through their collaborative effort of peachy perfect, crowd pleasing pop confection “Karma’s Not Pretty”.

Hitting us with a pop / rock impact, as cotton candy as Katy Perry and as boombox powerhouse as Avril LavigneKarma’s Not Pretty” serves purpose as an addictively power charged pop moment of brain buzz that will linger in the mind, from seconds into it’s switch up of gears around the sing-a-long oh, oh, oh, oh, chorus line. No exclusions, its infectious allure will break us all with its unabashed sing-a-long pop style.

Meanwhile watch out Adele and Taylor Swift, Temara’s onto working your pop music formula of getting back at the ex-loves and scallywags through the power of song.