Happy Saturday EQs.

For those of you who love a little bit of remixing here and there, we have got the first of two remix competitions coming up just for you this weekend.  EQ is proud to be hosting the official remix contest for K Anderson’s “Bulletproof Kids” in which you can take the acoustic little jam and turn it into anything you want!  Make it a stomping house groover, make it a techno fantasia or turn it into a chilled-out track with plenty of bliss!

You have one month to work your magic on K Anderson’s “Bulletproof Kids” and the winner will be featured and profiled here on EQ and presented to K Anderson’s team

All you need to get started is right here!

Download “Bulletproof Kids” stems part one.

Download “Bulletproof Kids” stems part two.

Upload your remix to K Anderson’s Soundcloud.

The winner will be chosen October 10th 2010!  Have fun EQs!  I’m really looking forward to hearing what you all do with “Bulletproof Kids”

Visit K Anderson on MySpace.