It’s a small world.

Worlds collided when I was invited last minute to Justice’s DJ set at Webster Hall.  Old friend Mallory of MTVu/NYU/Tumblr fame introduced me to Nick, who hooked me up with tickets.

Although we arrived late we eventually got the perfect spot on the balcony: smack in the middle, unobstructed view.  Their set hit up a wide array of crowd favorites and different tempos to get everyone bumping.  And boy was it bumping!  My iPhone caught some great photos, but you’ll have to check out someone else for video.  It was so loud my iphone video sounds like an elephant dying.

Flash forward a week later.  While sharing my love for Justice with a friend, our conversation eventually ended up on Daft Punk and culminated in us watching the Tron Legacy trailer – view it here.  But the connection was not merely musical and stylistic.  After digging around for this piece I discovered Busy P (Pedro Winter) who heads Ed Banger Records (Justice’s label) used to manage Daft Punk, thus the connection to the Tron Legacy score.

Don’t you love how music brings people (and things) together?


Nick and I even got snapped by my friend Nicky Digital.

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