As we can’t seem to get any MySpace music to stream in Thailand today, we are going to have to skip our regular feature on MySpace Discovery Wednesdays and post some random rants instead.  We hope you don’t mind.

1.  We really like Robbie Williams new album ‘Rudebox’ and don’t understand why people keep slaggin it off.  However, it is just like Madonna’s ‘American Life’ in the sense that it would have been much better if they left the title track off the album entirely.

2.  We fantasise about Ricky Martin coming out of the closet.

3.  Whatever happened to Tommy Page?  Well he now works in a senior position in A&R at Warner Bros records in New York City.  We have met Tommy a few times in NYC out on the scene and we get lots of emails from various Asian girls that ask us, is he electroqueer?  Why yes, he is.  We’ll be doing a feature on him in the next few weeks.

4.  Spotted: Melanie B at the Cobden Club in London at Sylvia Powell’s gig.  She was looking beautifully stunning and pregnant with Eddie Murphy’s lovechild in her classic yellow spice girls dress.  She gave a wink to Electroqueer’s boyfriend which he got all excited about.  Electroqueer had to later explain to boyfriend who she actually was.  Now he won’t shut up about it.

5.  Spotted: Emma Bunton performing at G-A-Y in London.  Emma held a contest for the audience in which we had to guess which one of her backing dancers was straight.  Electroqueer finds it hard to believe that any male backing dancer is straight.  Ahem – we used to date one of Kylie’s backing dancers…We know.

6.  Alex Parks: Completely underrated.

7.  Matt Willis: Completely overrated.

8.  You can download a completely new version of Tiffany’s ‘I Think Were Alone Now’ from eMusic if you search for an album called ‘This Is New Wave 80s 2.0’.  It’s a re-working of the original with newly recorded vocals and NOT the dance version that was released on ‘Dust Off and Dance’.  It’s a real gem!

9.  With all the groups of yesteryear reforming lately like Take That and All Saints, we wish Bros would get back together and re-record some of their classics.  Le Sigh…for that would be Electroqueer orgasmic.

10.  Imagine this: Jose Gonzalez laying down some tight beats to his record and having a number one hit just like Everything But the Girl did with ‘Missing’.  Jose if your reading this…think about it.

And finally we leave you with the movie trailer for the Dixie Chick’s new documentary film, ‘Shut Up and Sing’.  It’s the ignorance of some middle Americans that make Electroqueer (who is an American citizen) want to remain in the UK permantley.  We find it ironic that America responded so harshly with contempt and hatred towards the Dixie Chicks when all that was said were twelve words which exercised an American civil liberty of free speech.  Sorry, we don’t get political that much, but we had to say that.  As soon as the film is released in the UK, Electroqueer will be organising a field trip to the cinema.  Are you up for it Paul Zapping?  I am proud to live in the UK as a permanent resident, where at least gays can marry in civil partnership and we can listen to pop music without shame or prejudice nor fear of prosecution!  [Electroqueer now steps off the soapbox with Dixie Chicks album firmly in grip.]