Bim 1

We haven’t heard from Bim in a while, was a thought that flashed across my mind a few days ago, whence they popped up on my playlist, yet as if by almost magically today my questioning was answered when Rebecca and Tim, equalled as Bim engaged their social media outlets with a new song just like that, no really it’s called “Just Like That”, but not only that the pop lovelies also pointed me to another “Lion Heart” that had somehow skipped under our radar only a couple of weeks since.

Both tracks are delivered as tasters and testings of what might evolve into Bim’s sophomore album, but of course our EQ ears are eagerly ready at all times to fall into the lush sounds that Bim provide.

So lets not waste a second more, we shall delve right into these now!

Oh the enrapture that comes from Bim’s working of blissful harmonies never fails to send us to a happy place and “Just Like That” is literally dripping with them amongst it’s acoustically strung frame. “Lion Heart” courts them also, within it’s guiding presence of hazier synth pop atmospherics.

All I know is, both “Just Like That” and “Lion Heart” are sounding in the tip top of form which is in keeping to the consistent quality of Bim’s sublimely crafted pop visions in my opinion. The notion of another album of them to come, is just glorious already.

Care to give Bim some feedback on these tracks also? Let them know your thoughts.