Yes EQs – that was a reference to Deborah Gibson in the title. ‘Foolish Beat’ was on the radio when I left the house today and it’s been stuck in my head all morning.  This week in non-EQ workland has been so frickin busy.  Me poor eyes have been bugged out at the end of my 12 hour shifts in streaming mediaville and me phone won’t stop ringing.  Me’s gots the bags under me eyes and coffee sifting through me veins.  It’s looking better next week though, I get a week of calmness before going into the next round of work craziness and I’m so going to cherish every minute of it.  Actually, I’m taking my lunch break now to rant for you so here goes…

  1. So we posted George Lamond’s classic video to ‘Bad Of The Heart’ a few days ago.  Oooh, can we tell you how much we had a crush on George back in the day.  We’ll be diggin up some deets on George Lamond and maybe doing a ‘dont you forget about me’ post on him soon. 
  2. So Pedro of Pedro Loves You went and saw Darren Hayes at the Canal Room in NYC.  He is preparing another cool video blog about the show which we are excited to hear his thoughts on, as we love his thoughts about everything! 
  3. We are a little disappointed with the Hellogoodbye album.  Some really good tracks and some eh, so-so tracks on it.  Oh well.  We’ll keep talking about the good tracks – cuz we like em.
  4. We love it that Siobhan Donaghy’s promo posters for ‘Ghosts’ are all over the underground now.  We even smile when we see all those bugs crawling around her while she’s trying to enjoy her cuppa tea.
  5. ‘6 In The Morning’ by Client is flawless.  We can’t get enough of this track from their ‘Heartland’ album.  We’ve heard it a few times before, but we didn’t realize what an outstanding track it was until a few days ago.
  6. Vivek Shraya’s album ‘If We’re Not Talking’ that we were raving about the other day has made it onto iTunes – go download it now.
  7. It seems like friends old and new are all coming out of the woodwork for London Pride this weekend.  It should be a fun time for all.  We’re planning on partying all day and night for this event – we’ll be reporting from the trenches as they say.  It’s Geri’s first Pride event too – awww bless.  Be careful with him boys.
  8. Big Brother – still a snoozer.  And speaking of, a few of you have asked me about what happened with EQ being a Online Big Brother contestant a few months ago.  Well – it was all a bit shit.  Turns out Big Brother was actually one of the housemates and they got called out.  I did however survive the first eviction which was fun.  But then after the big scandal, legal threats were being thrown around, little girls started crying…blah blah blah.  So I quit – the whole thing went tits up.  I made a few new friends out of it – like Markus, he’s just precious and is competing in a new Virtual Big Brother game!  We love his new mantra, ‘stay calm and have a strawberry’.  Bless.
  9. A friend of mine said ‘Who is this?  Is this new Calvin Harris music?’ when I was playing ‘Move Your Ass’ by Madison in the office the other day.  I’d say that was a rather cool compliment, wouldn’t you?
  10. And finally – Let’s Retro Rewind again and go back to 1992 to our Electro-New York-Latin House-Freestyle days and take a look at Laissez Faire’s ‘In Paradise’.  I used to fucking love this track – think of a slightly cheaper version of Sweet Sensation