Congratulations to Johnny Lazer who had a great two page spread on him done in The Metro today.  For those of you who don't know, The Metro is the free morning newspaper in London for subway commuters.  Johnny Lazer was just exposed to thousands of potential new music fans today and I'm ever so proud of him – it's a big acheivement.

If you're interested in reading the spread online – just click here.  Warning – they do ask you for an email address, so put input what you will, but it's a great article on Johnny Lazer who I think IS the new Billy Idol.

We've mentioned him many times on EQ before (just do a search), but please make sure to check out Johnny Lazer's MySpace where you can hear some of his super ace tunes like "New High", "Take My Picture" and my favourite track – "Bad Boyfriend".  A sampler CD can't be sent out quick enough in my opinion…