Hands up if you remember band of the 80’s Johnny Hates Jazz. I’m certain that some of you will, but for those young beans who had yet to be sown in the late 80’s, EQ’s catch-up class begins.

Johnny Hates Jazz are Clark Datchler and Mike Nocito, 25 years ago they spawned some mega synth pop hits that bounced around the globe “Shattered Dreams” , “Turn Back The Clock”, “Heart Of Gold” and “I Don’t Want To Be A Hero”…. Thinking back on it now they were in comparison of today’s pop stars, probably the Hurts of their day, anyway they were rather debonair and splendid all the same.

To conclude class you should get your chops around their superb debut hit “Shattered Dreams”.

As mentioned it’s been a full 25 years since this format of Johnny Hates Jazz put out their debut LP and it’s been an unfathomable wait for it’s follow-up, but it will be out on May 6th and preceded by it’s title track “Magnetized” on April 29th.

Ok we do not have a snippet, or a sniff to share with you yet, but we guess there will be one on its way through soon.  In the meantime, if nostalgia and curiosity have bitten you JHJ are supporting this release through Pledge Music and by support of your pledges you’ll be able to score up some exclusive goodies on the run-up to the album launch of “Magnetized”. Win – win.