Just in love

by Javi Lopez – EQ’s resident pop culture blogger!

I have never been a big fan of the Jonas brothers, but now that they are separated, I think they are doing a good job on their own.  Joe Jonas is not an exception.  His new sexy and lovable music video for “Just in Love” just came out and its way more than I expected it to be. 

His second video for his upcoming first solo album “Fastlife” (out in October 6) is filmed in a place where a lot of people know for it’s love stories and fashion records – Paris.

In the “See No More” music video we can see Joe, lonely and lovesick, unlike “Just In Love” where we see a joyful Joe enjoying The Eiffel Tower, kisses, cuddles and funky fashion making this music video a real piece of art.  It gives the song an extra special meaning. You can see and feel all the fun Joe Jonas had with the sexy chick in the vid.  Not boring at all, “Just In Love” is colourful and I loved all the scenery in the video.  I am now a Joe Jonas fan!