Jessie - Vid Exclsuive - 2

Jessie J has already taken this year by storm.  Do It Like A Dude and Price Tag have already sent the charts and Radio 1's playlist in to overdrive and now she is releasing her third single from her debut album Who You Are, Nobody's Perfect lets us see another side to the swag sister that we haven’t been treated to as of yet.

It doesn’t get you grabbing your crotch or wearing your hat as low as her, but it shows the innocence and maturity of a girl who has sent tongues wagging thus far. It’s a hip and it’s a hop and it’s pretty funky. It tells the tale of hurting someone and feeling bad about it ‘This is a lesson learnt, I hate that I let you down and I feel so bad about it’.
Now, I’m not a fan of the pour-your-heart-out drivel some artists seem to churn out time after time and get away with popicide. Yet what Jessie J does is draw you in ever close and allow you to suckle on the musical goodness that oozes as though she is the fairy popmother.

Maybe an ode to Gaga is paid in the video which resembles the madcap world of Mad Hatter’s Tea Party with guests including Captain Nero, a red-headed Marilyn Monroe and a whole host of members of staff on hire from Hogwarts. It’s bold but it’s got balls. She has a creative side which shines through; her own style and her own swag.

Good on ‘ya gal.