Have Chromeo just surpassed even themselves in funk-a-picking slap bass enormity? Well I am certainly of the opinion that the funk lordz have achieved what previously might have been deemed the impossible feat.

Now we may have recently marvelled at the retro-ized video to Come Alive” featuring Toro Y Moi, yet all the same, I haven’t actually been as glued on a Chromeo track, since the re-working of “Hot Mess” with the vocal guest spot from La Roux’s Elly Jackson. Even that though, is nowhere near in the same ballpark of immenseness as “Jealous”.

Lifted from the duo’s forthcoming studio album “White Woman”, “Jealous” tones up on an indie nu-disco pop wave of upsurging progression, much on the path of alignment as one would envisage the outcome of The knocks crashing with RAC might similarly deliver.

I know it is way too early yet in real time, but in Chromeo time summer has truly already begun with the unveiling of the spiffingly funk sizzling “Jealous”.