Jaymes Young

Even whilst on my summer break, I haven’t failed to notice the ripples of excitement that have penetrated through the blogosphere regarding Jaymes Young.

In what’s been a quite meteoric rise to notice for the L.A. based anomaly, who gives little in the way of information out on his project. However, in those few short weeks an online mixtape has garnered mass circulation, critical acclaim, led to tour support slots with one of this year’s buzz bands – London Grammar and a rush release of the impending debut EP “Dark Star” due September 10th.

The music is as super smooth as Jaymes is it seems. At a glance, “Dark Star” the EP is filled by wonderfully luscious soundscapes, R ‘n’ B infusions and an altogether mesmerising outlook.

On closer look however, title track “Dark Star” gives a warming flourish of spacey dub beats in compliment to the urban edged candour of Jaymes beguiling vocals.

Whilst “Two More Minutes” perpetrates on a more modernist mainstream level of contemporary electronic pop, evolving into the EP’s most widely identifiable composition.

Dream pop lovers will undoubtedly be happily wrapped in both “One Last Time” and “Moondust” – the former being divinely esoteric in nature, the latter in addition to a similar sense of being carries a spacier atmospherically uplifting viewpoint.

Serving as finale “Wondering” is reliant on a heavy back beat, strains of piano and Jaymes perfectly placed jazzily affected vocal as its guide. A cut through in dynamics is seen via an electric guitar riff finish

Guys and dolls, Jaymes Young is an artist to be intrigued about. His name is blowing up now and by golly from what I’ve listened to here and upon the mixtape, there is only one way his career path is going and that is, set to become one of the next big names.