EQ’s resident pop culture blogger Javi Lopez took time out of his busy teenage schedule to wax fantastic on his favourite albums of 2012 for EQ. Whilst we like to think that we are the authority on electronic pop music, Javi reminds us of the beauty that can be found in some of this year’s more mainstream releases – and that is truly why we keep Javi around. His energy and happy-go-lucky approach to pop reminds us that we all are kids at heart here at EQ. Note this list isn’t our official list of top albums this year (that will be coming around New Years) but revel in the fun and frolic of Javi’s list of picks for 2012…over to you Javi…


2012 was full of surprises, good experiences and a good year for pop music – From the sick sounds of Zedd’s
Clarity, we traveled down to our cold room to listen to Gossamer by Passion Pit. We saw the raise of many, and the flop of others. We also got to see Madonna‘s nipple, but that is something we all want to forget about.


I was really pleased by what all these talented artists had to offer us, so let’s talk about it! I got very personal with music this year and took a good listen to everything that I downloaded and carefully picked my favorite ten albums of this year and here they are…


1. Electra Heart – Marina And The Diamonds
If you know me enough, you already expected ♡ Electra Heart ♡ to land on my #1 spot. This album was played non-stop for three months on my iPod; the songs climbed my 25 most played and slayed everybody. Electra Heart by Marina & the Diamonds is irresistible catchy, sick and it’s one of my all time favorites simply because it shows different scenarios where love fails – making it a favorite in a heartbeat.

Electra Heart (Deluxe Version) - Marina and The Diamonds

Red2. Red – Taylor Swift
My year was not going to be complete without the company of Taylor Swift’s music. This bipolar album is exactly what I was expecting from Taylor, she sticks to her love songs and takes it more personal with this album as we could appreciate in Sad Beautiful Tragic – I am very proud of Swift with this record as it is her best job to date – Not because I say so, but you can ask Taylor about her impressive first week sales.

Red - Taylor Swift

Halcyon3. Halcyon – Ellie Goulding
Halcyon was released a few months ago; it’s mood is irresistibly sad and lovely. Though this album is different than Bright Lights, I love it as much as the debut album. Halcyon kept me safe in lonely nights and I did not hesitate on making one of my top three.

Halcyon (Deluxe Version) - Ellie Goulding

Monarchy4. Around The Sun – Monarchy
Monarchy’s Around The Sun is breathtakingly impressive. Though it was quite difficult for it to grow in me, once it got to me I couldn’t stop listening to it. The melodramatic lyrics makes the album ridiculously perfect and easy to love. Highlights of this album are: You Don’t Want To Dance With Me, Maybe I’m Crazy and Love Get Out Of My Way.

Around the Sun - Monarchy

Lana Del Rey5. Born To Die – Lana Del Rey
In the land of Gods and monsters, Lana slayed my life this year with Born To Die + Paradise Edition. This explicit, superficial album was one of the highlights of this year. A favorite? Burning Desire. Indeed. Whilst this might not be a firm favourite with the rest of the EQ staff, I however firmly enjoyed the brilliant sadness that Lana Del Rey served up this year.
Born To Die - The Paradise Edition - Lana Del Rey

Azealia Banks6. Azealia Banks – 1991
Miss Azealia Banks’s 1991 EP was one of the best extended plays released this year. 212 Feat. Lazy Jay (my favorite) and Liquorice make this EP the perfect album to twerk to at Th3 CluBz. Azealia is currently working on her debut album, and who knows – It might end up on the top ten list of next year. Everything Azealia has released so far is keeping everybody with our butts ready. WHAT’YU GON DO WHEN AZEALIA APPEARS!

1991 - EP - Azealia Banks

Passion Pit7. Gossamer – Passion Pit
Gossamer by Passion Pit is a really good album, but a very very sad one. This is not a record for your Friday night party and is not a record to play whilst having a kiki with your friends. This is a record for the inside of your walls, when you want to be alone. The best part about this album is that the lyrics are sad, but the songs don’t sound sad. I enoyed every minute of this album.

Gossamer - Passion Pit

One Direction8. Take Me Home – One Direction
My favorite boys land in spot number eight. They kept it cute, touching and stuck to the catchy lyrics and songs. Summer Love and Little Things might now be my favorite 1D songs. Haters must admit that One Direction might be the only successful boy band we have had in the last ten years.

Take Me Home (Yearbook Edition) - One Direction

Bright Light Bright Light9. Make Me Believe In Hope – Bright Light Bright Light
Rod brings back 80s and 90s synthpop/disco music to our lives in a way nobody could have ever done it better. I wasn’t even born in the 80’s, and that doesn’t really matter, but if you did (or didn’t like me) awake that 80s disco spirit in you by admiring this piece of art.

Make Me Believe in Hope - Bright Light Bright Light

Zedd10. Clarity – Zedd
The handsome and popular Zedd delighted us with such a club-worthy album that Clarity is. The debut electro-house studio album by this talented young man will take you up to the clouds and bring you back to earth with pussy popping being the only desire in your mind. It’s a must-have.

Clarity - Zedd