Although it was pretty obvious that he was slipping a bit these last few weeks on American Idol, I still really liked watching Jason Castro sing his little heart away week after week.  I’m not a huge American Idol follower at all but because television can be so boring at times, watching Jason perform this year brought a little joy to the emptiness that surrounds my usual Saturday morning television experience.  Jason will truly be missed (by myself at least) over the next couple of weeks while America decides who to crown the next Idol.

I don’t know what it is about Jason Castro that I connect with really.  It’s probably that he reminds me a little bit of one of my favorite singers Jason Downs.  It’s that little bit of non-conformity that he possesses that I identify with too – like being a white guy with dreads who picks strange songs to sing that most people in his position wouldn’t even dare try to perform.  Maybe it was the fact that he was like "whatever" with Andrew Lloyd Webber’s advice that made me smile.  He’s just himself and I like that.  And it doesn’t hurt at all that he has a voice that makes me swoon.

Who knows what the future holds musically for Jason Castro once the American Idol frenzy wears off.  But I do know this – if he decides to stick with music, I would most certainly by his album and talk about it endlessly here on EQ.

Thanks for entertaining me Jason!