Jake Sims

For days now, my attention has been stolen by a fabulously impressive emerging artist called Jake Sims – and when you all hear his vocals, in a short while, they’ll be no doubt in your minds as to why his vocals have captivated my headspace.

First though; a point of thought. Am I alone in noticing that it is most common place that the platform of power ballads is dominated by the female line of pop artistes? In the majority of cases it always has been the case from a pop perspective, whilst when it comes to the dudes it is moreover driven by a rock directive. So this is definitely an area of pop, I feel, that is in need of some developing in the man stakes.

Talking of which, it just so happens this is where Jake Sims allots himself.

A voice that is liquid golden in purity and delivery, there is an abundantly wholesome appeal that just enraptures endearingly by the impassioned performance that Jake Sims gives. To be honest, the last time I heard a young male artist of similar calibre and presence was when I was knocked spellbound at one of our EQ Live showcases, where the show stopping Sam Taylor wooed over the crowd of pop tarts and electro-heads with his emotionally epic tunes. It was really something, and I don’t know but it’s been a while now since he went to ground.

So now you’ve heard me out, let’s embrace Jake Sims as our newest popstar with bags of potential!

Listen in to his fresh cut “Sold Out” and be swept up in its soaring wave of sentiment and poignancy. Jake’s skyscraper vocal ability literally knocked me off your feet and made my heart skip a beat as I gasped open mouthed in awe of his undoubtedly immense talent.

This is also Jakes video debut. Simplicity wins! Why on earth wouldn’t you just want to concentrate on that mega voice.

You here it from me. 2014. The phenomenal Jake Sims. For The Win!