We are continued to be entranced by Emerging Artist Jake Sims. The voice of liquid gold and carrier of awe-inspiring pop anthems.

Previously Jake held us spellbound swept up in the impressive moment of soaring ballad “Sold Out” and we are happy to confirm that Jake continues form on new tracks “In The Silence”, “Blind” and “Addicted

In complement to a gliding ambient cinematic synth undercurrent, Jake carries both “In the Silence” and “Blind” with arrestingly sensational vocals skills, that in my opinion are capable of drawing in an audience from a few blocks away.

Whilst “Addicted” traverses an evermore electro pop trajectory and is supersized in opulently captivating dynamics.

As the world out there is currently loved up in branding Sound Of 2014 winner Sam Smith as the male Adele, we have news for the pop industry Jake Sims is also shaping up well comparatively with the makings of a Celine male vocal counterpart.

Oh this voice is just way superb on recordings and it definitely has the captivating powerhouse dynamic that requires it to be experienced at first hand, which can be easily remedied since Jake will be performing at our upcoming EQ Live showcase on February 7th.

I simply cannot wait to be in the same room as this voice!