Happy Monday Electroqueer Readers – It’s freakin cold and just overall miserable here in London today, but despite that, we are in a chipper mood.  This weekend we checked out the Veto Silver show at the Fly Bar which was great and made a new friend from Japan named Mika – no relation to the Mika you know about…who just happens to be playing a free show at Fopp tonight on Tottenham Court Road if you can make it…on with the rants.

  1. We are totally in love with Jennifer Hudson at the moment.  Solely for the fact that she is upstaging Beyonce big time (about time that bitch got upstaged).  Congrats on your Oscar nomination gurl – We haven’t seen Dreamgirls yet, but from what we hear — you deserve it.  And Simon Cowell told you you ‘weren’t good enough’…what does he know?!
  2. Poor ol Clay Aiken just wants to get laid — without Perez Hilton finding out about it.  Poor guy – we feel sorry for him.  Cut him some slack and let the boy have some lovin!
  3. Armin from The Ballad Bombs is quite cute — and the nicest guy ever…check out his MySpace profile!
  4. Mark Owen continues to be brilliant on the Take That track ‘Shine’ – He’s far too talented for Take That and we are gonna remind you again – GO BUY HIS SOLO ALBUMS! NOW!  WHATCHA WHATCHA WAITING FOR?
  5. We are completely in love with Vernon J. Price’s new cover version of Seal’s ‘Killer’.  Take a listen to it on his MySpace profile and watch out on Wednesday as we unveil our exclusive interview and download featuring Vernon.
  6. Please support Gavin Mikhail…everytime we hear his music, it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  He’s still number one on the Electroqueer Chart this week…go and download his new album ‘Like Normal People Do’ now.
  7. If anyone happens to own these mp3s…can you please send them to me?  Pretty Please?!  We’ve been DYING to find them as paid downloads online and seem to having horrible luck…either that or we are just rubbish at finding shit on Google.   Breathe – ‘Hands To Heaven’ and ‘How Can I Fall’ and The Bingoboys ‘How To Dance’.
  8. Placebo’s cover of Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’ is orgasmic…go download it today.
  9. Anthony Rapp is doing a cover version of ‘If You Leave’ by OMD which will appear on his next album!  Colour us excited – we love electroqueer Anthony!
  10. Amy Winehouse post-poned her Arjan Writes interview – daft bitch…she was probably drunk.

And finally – we fell charmed to Modern Fabulosity’s blog crush confession on us last night.  ModFab – truth be known, we’ve always felt a little Molly Ringwald around you and we happily accept your rose and box of candy and return it with a kiss and this little YouTube diddy…