by Raj Rudolph

So if you haven’t noticed, EQ has gone all Poptronik

So what’s the deal with all this Poptronik stuff you ask? 

Well, for the longest time, I’ve longed to put on a music festival that I myself would love to go to.  Although Lovebox and the iTunes Festivals are great, for me personally, they are missing something.  So I decided to partner up with my friends at Aztec Records and we created the Poptronik Festival, which is only a short three months away in the beautiful unspoiled Catalan beach town of Sitges, Spain.

You can get a taste for what we are doing with the Poptronik Festival by visiting and quite honestly – it’s quite the massive undertaking, but if you want a bit more of an in-depth feel of what Poptronik as a new music brand is truly all about and the new music platform we are trying to build, take a listen to and download our Poptronik Hot Fuss podcasts series below. 

What we are aiming to do in this podcast series is highlight some of the fun festive going-ons surrounding the Poptronik Festival and the Poptronik brand by talking to Poptronik artists, playing songs that emulate what Poptronik is all about and most of all – just lettin loose and being a bit silly in the studio.

Our first two Poptronik Hot Fuss podcasts featuring Bright Light Bright Light and our “This Beat Is Poptronik” album special we did for Cherrytree Records awhile back are available below.  We’re hoping to have a new podcast done every few weeks or so too and we hope you enjoy our little recorded get-togethers!