You know I am not that into the rock scene that much, but these guys definitely do rock. And what sets them apart from your normal boring indie rock kids, is that they have that Killers-esqe edge to them that makes them quite listenable and uber uber enjoyable.

Let me introduce to you The White Tie Affair EQs. Their tracks “Candle (Sick And Tired)” and “Mr. Right” are better and more powerful than your morning cup of espresso. Peeps are describing their sound as “kinda like Fall Out Boy meets Maroon 5 with a little Panic At The Disco”, but I just call it pure fun and very relevant to today’s commercial pop scene. I tend to like “Mr. Right” a little bit more though because of the underlying electronica bits in the track, but all in all, and most importantly, I’m loving The White Tie Affair because they are forcing me to stop being an electro snob and to start appreciating different genres of music…I can’t wait to buy their album “Walk This Way” that’s out now.

For now, enjoy their music videos of the afformentioned to get an idea of what I am talking and why I think the boys from The White Tie Affair are fucking poptastic…