Well it’s another fine Monday morning in London – rain, rain, rain.  You, know, despite it being London and all, we don’t mind the rain.  It’s actually just the delayed train times that go with it.  So this week at my day job is going to be a killer one – let me just apologize in advance if a day goes by and I can’t seem to get around to post.  It’s just one of those weeks.  In fact, it’s so busy that I had to even turn down going to opening night of Darren Hayes’ Time Machine Tour tonite in Glasgow.  I’m so annoyed, but now I’ll be going to the Brighton show and of course Royal Albert Hall in London so that isn’t so bad.  I will however refrain from reading ANY chitter chatter on the Darren Hayes message boards about the setlist or the surprises that are in store!  This is my attempt to not read any spoilers and I never mind spoilers, but I really want to be surprised by the show…so with that said, on with the rants…

  1. I keep literally bumping into Stephan D’Bart of Switch22 all the time lately in Soho.  I am convinced he is stalking me and of course I’m sure he thinks I am stalking him.  LOL.  Stephan tells me that he’s got a lot of stuff cooked up in the way of new Switch22 mixes and I can’t of course, wait to hear them! 
  2. Nelson Clemente is working on a new song called ’90 Days’ which is outstanding.  It’s so cool.  We were lucky enough to hear a preview of it and let me tell you – it’s turning out to be a really great track.  Although it sounds nothing like Robyn’s ‘With Every Heartbeat’ it has that certain pecuilarness about it that makes you go ‘wow – that’s fresh’.
  3. I want my Dragonette CD.  I am sure it will sound even better when I listen to the physical copy versus my digital copy.
  4. So I got sent the new Jamelia greatest hits CD that hits stores this week.  I was never into Jamelia that much, but to be honest, in looking at the tracklist, it might be a good listen…she’s had a few good pop songs hasn’t she?
  5. Hey The Ultrasonics are Popjustice’s Song Of The Day with ‘Why You Had To Leave’!  Congratulations Joanna and the band!  I can’t wait to see The Ultrasonics at Popshow’s Halloween party next month!
  6. And speaking of Halloween, I am foaming at the mouth to hear Dangerous Muse’s version of ‘Everyday is Halloween’.  Bring it on!
  7. The new Seal/Stuart Price stuff…it’s kinda exciting isn’t it!  More on this later…
  8. Still not excited by Kylie X, but I reserve the right to change my mind.
  9. Shayne Ward – not sexy.  I don’t get it.
  10. And finally, let’s retro rewind back to 89 and re-visit this little video by Shakespeare’s Sister called ‘ You’re History’ that I saw on telly yesterday and it totally reminded me of how cool I thought this band was!  A woman wearing all black is still a lot more sexy to me than a shirtless Shayne Ward any day.

Oh what the hell…I was singing this retro track in my head from Stereo MCs on the tube this morning…another fucking great retro track…