So, it’s Friday and Lady Gaga’s new single “Born This Way” will officially be serviced to radio at 6am EST / 11am UK Time today and will be available for download just three hours later at 9am EST / 2pm UK Time.

Nothing else will be blogged about today on EQ.  That’s how bloody excited I am.  I haven’t yet heard it, but I’m massively excited.  I was rather “whatever” about all the hype but it kinda hit me like a ton of bricks today.  What am I expecting?  Well my expectations are high…I want it to be this generation’s “I Will Survive” but I will settle for nothing less than something equally as poignant as “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera while at the same time, being just as epic as “Bad Romance”.

And bravo for Lady Gaga for helping to push this relatively new way of releasing music into the world forward.  I LOVE the whole concept of keeping your songs under tight lock and key and then WHAM! it’s available to purchase faster than it can be leaked or put up onto illegal download sites.  I believe this method of “surprise” really encourages people to download more.  If you over-publicize your release dates too much and send your track around to way too many tastemakers too far in advance, it’s gonna inevitably get leaked people, so you can’t expect people to feel too sorry for you or your artist when it does.

The fact that I haven’t heard it yet is so cool.  It feels like I’m an orgasm waiting to explode.

For more of our EQ coverage on Lady Gaga through the years including one of her very first interviews, check out our Lady Gaga Channel and keep checking back here for more news on “Born This Way” as it unfolds…