OMG I just woke up and it’s almost noon! I am still wiping the sleepy out of my eyes! I clearly have been eating too much leftover Christmas turkey that’s for sure! Tonight, Geri and I are off to Mizz Keeleylicioius’s holiday party and it’s sure to be the biggest girls-who-likes-girls holiday event of the year. I’m way excited cuz it’s the one time of the year where I get to be totally surrounded by hot lesbians and re-inact scenes from ‘The L Word’. I’m way excited! Well this will probably be the last rant of 2007 so enjoy it me EQs!

  • Head on over to Modern Fabulosity to read his colloborative post on the Best Music of 2007 in where you will read my contributions in the way of Robyn and Private! Darren Hayes event got a nod. Writing that bit for ModFab was a lot of fun as it’s one of the best gay lifestyle blogs on the net. Even if you’re not gay – it’s bloody brilliant with tons of things to help enrich your life into a higher state of fabulousness.
  • Oh god, The Spice Girls just came up under my recently added playlist. You fucking caught me – I downloaded their greatest hits album from that cheap Russian download site. Ok, The Spice Girls are worth a 1 quid download I guess. Don’t hate me.
  • Rob from Temposhark is going to be guest blogging on Arjan Writes while the blogstar himself heads off to Argentina for a bit of R&R. What a totally excellent choice for guest bloggers. I can’t wait to delve into Rob’s musical tastes a little more. We hear he likes Robyn a lot too. We are working on some cool Temposhark features in time for their album release in 2008 too – it really sounds like 2008 is going to be the year of the Temposhark.
  • I don’t comment enough on the fabulous pop blog that is Pop Poster Girl and that is a big bad on my part. PPG has been running a great countdown of her favourite songs of 2007 and the energy she has been putting into it is incredible. I’ve recently become addicted to her pick of an electro song called ‘Desire’ by Swedish artist Darin. I’ve heard him mentioned from time to time, but haven’t really took a listen until PPG raved fantastic about him on her recent post. Run quite swiftly EQs over to her blog now and get heartily involved in her countdown. She fucking knows her pop. If you were to put PPG on pop bloggers Jeopardy – she’d fucking scrape the floor with all of us and that aint no lie. She’s also a big supporter of Sergey and got me a lot of info on him when I stumbled upon him on Perfectbeat – miss thing has already been there, wrote about him and bought the t-shirt. That’s how damn good she is. She knows pop.
  • Is it just me or is Kylie’s song ‘Wow’ just a really hyped up version Madonna’s ‘Holiday’? Probably so, we all know Kylie is a big fan of Madonna. I still have to watch my DVD of ‘White Diamond’ that’s been sitting on the shelf for a bit. The difficult part is shoving Geri off the Wii so I can get in some quality DVD time! LOL.
  • We had a bit of an update on Madison – he’s working on a new song called ‘Iconic’ which we can’t wait to hear cuz you know, we love that little electropop wonder. Word is too, he is working on a new live routine that he will hopefully be debuting soon – after he recovers from his holiday chocolate overdose!
  • Electronically Yours have recently discovered the brilliance of EQ Royales The Ultrasonics! Head on over there to see what EY had to say about them and EQ! EY is doing all sorts of really uber cool things like launching their own record label and they have even put together some quality live nights which starred Marsheaux. We are hoping to get to know the team behind EY and can’t wait to go to their next event. However in the meantime, you should be reading their quality blog – it’s a great companion to EQ don’t ya think! I read it daily now!
  • I’ve got a few emails about the change of font on EQ. Do you like it? In case you were wondering, it’s the same font that’s used on the London Underground. I’m quite happy with it as I like to experiment with different fonts and such to keep the blog fresh. I’m also preparing an EQ off-the-beaten path guide to London which I am rolling out in 2008 as well to add a bit more spice to all of you who need some fucking cool recommendations on where to party, eat and visit while you visit the best fucking city in the world.
  • And finally we leave you with a little vid-e-o from EQ approved and downright cutie Vivek Sharaya performing his version of ‘Seven Nation Army’ live from his Parisian debut the other day. I so badly wanted to go see Vivek play in Paris, but with it being the holidays and all, I couldn’t. Vivek darhling – anytime you want to come to London for a show – just let us know!