Marry the night

By Javi Lรณpez – EQ's resident pop culture blogger.

The "Born This Way" era is NOT over yet, "Marry The Night" is Lady Gaga's fith single in this era. According to Gagadaily (one of the biggest and trustworthy Lady Gaga fan sites around) and fans who met the sexy Gaga's best friend Nicola Formichetti at tonight's Mugler fashion show in Paris, who told them himself that said song IS the fifth single from "Born This Way".

"Marry The Night" was produced by the amazing Fernando Garibay and inspired by Lady Gaga's favorite place on earth – New York.  It's a good choice as the fifth single due to all the attention it got on it's release on Gagaville.  Coupled with a huge number of digital sales, it debuted on Billboard's hot  100 singles in May at number 79, and a big percentage of little onsters are gagging for this song to be released with a video.

I'm not against the idea of "Marry The Night" being a fifth single, still a lot of people are asking for "Heavy Metal Lover" as the next single – which is one the best songs off the album. Don't rush people! - Before the album release, in one of the twitter talks Gaga had, she said she was planning to release NINE singles to this era and "Heavy Metal Lover" being one of the best and most asked for songs from "Born This Way" – the probabilites of this song being a single is HUGE.

If the video doesn't have at least one leather-clad biker bar scene, a few of us over at EQ HQ are gonna be rather disappointed…