EQs – may we introduce you to Matthew Duffy.  He’s an electro god in the making and we are absolutely loving his latest single ‘#1 Enemy’ which is getting a bit of attention.  Matthew is New York based and has been working on making music for quite some time.  His first electronic album ‘Here I Come’ was released in 2004 which spawned a Billboard hit called ‘Electric Shock’ and the deeply-layered electronic track called ‘Little Bird’ – both of which videos you can see below. 

We sorta stumbled upon Matthew’s great sound by accident.  We were browsing some YouTube videos and found ‘Electric Shock’ which then led us to stalk his MySpace page in which we then found out that Arjan wrote about him ages ago.  We love it when stuff like this happens!  It certainly is fuel for an electroqueer obsession and Matthew seems to be the latest target!  So all last week, we’ve been playing ‘Here I Come’ and his latest album ‘The Healing Machine’ non-stop in the loft and the office, both of which are available on iTunes and on CDBaby if you prefer physical format – you really should be taking a listen.

So – to help you all understand our little obsession with Matthew, here’s a little video vault for you and if you can – download his albums.  They are pretty much electro-luscious and we quite particularly love his cover of Jody Watley’s classic ‘Still A Thrill’ which we’ve been secretly hoping someone would cover for quite a long time!  Check out his website as well – we will be making sure to bring you any new Matthew Duffy news as it develops…we’ll be keeping a close eye on him.

#1 Enemy
Little Bird
Electric Shock
Look out for more Matthew on EQ!