So last night my mate Heather said "Raj you have to come with me to this gig for new artist KCAT" and I generally think Heather has quite good music taste, so I said "sure – see you there".

When I got to the Notting Hill Arts Club, I really wasn't expecting much.  Probably some Sugababes wanna be diva belting out some mediocre pop songs, probably with a rap or three thrown in for good measure.


KCAT took to the stage with such a presence and poise that my eyes immediately had to re-adjust themselves.  My ears perked up with delight.  What's this I hear?  Is that an electro back-beat?  Is that a bit of punchy pop that comes out knocks ya in the teeth?  Is that a silky smooth voice that rivals the rest of the major label divas?  It is my friends.  KCAT has arrived.  Even Duncan James was in the audience supporting the girl. 

Take a listen to her tracks on MySpace – I quite like "Boys Don't Cry" and "Crazy Doll".  The crowd favourite last night was most definitely "Make Love".  Put the delightful KCAT (pronounced just "cat") on your radar right now EQs.  She gives MPHO a run for her money and well, frankly she's way better than VV Brown – there, I said it…