London based synth pop duo New Arcades are a duo that are making waves, well to be precise in the matter, distinctly dreamwave creations.

Dean Canty and Adam Sullivan as New Arcades, form vintage synth sounds that are instilled with a hazy glow of nostalgia and are coutured by an indie-pop sensibility.

As the duo release their self-titled debut EP through Electronic Rumors, we throw the spotlight onto track “Into The Skyline”.

Whereupon, majestic synth wave and toe-tapping beats are the recipe cooked up with a side-order of  indie-pop flavour.  It’s all as if The Sound Of ArrowsWonders” got warped into an indie-pop machine and what came out was its hipster sister, in “Into The Skyline”.  Regardless on it’s own merit it is pretty stellar stuff and definitely marks New Arcades on the synth pop map.

If you liked the above, enjoy the rest of the EP streaming for your synth pop pleasure.