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Recording artist, songwriter and fierce creature from another planet Veronika Vesper raises from the underground London scene to snatch weaves with her atmospheric electro pop sound. Bitches better beware.

Veronika has been sweating it off to make her debut happen in early 2014 and while we wait for her highly-anticipated record ‘ONE’, Vesper has released a new track titled “Fuck The Ego” A perfect mix of dark-pop with the right amount of electronic taste in ita stunning teaser for the first single ‘Suffocate’, written by Veronika Vesper herself and produced as collaboration with Kevin Malpass,who also happended to work Sia Furler. hashtag: #Werk.

EQ Music had a virtual chat via FaceTime with Veronika, and got to talk about her progression as a solo artist, her inspirations and the new album. Here is what she responded:

Coming from a musical and talented family, you gave your first steps in the business at a very early age. During your journey as an artist you were part of a punk/rock band; would you say you prefer being a solo artist now?

Well, The first band I was with was really great but I have always had a strong vision of what I want – fashion design, how I want my music to be, you name it; and I have wanted my vision to express properly and it is difficult to have 3+ people with the same motivation, time commitment and direction for necessary amount time to make it as a band. I am really happy for bands that make it work, because it is tough job, but I am feeling great as a solo artist and to be responsible for my vision and art.

Who would you say is your biggest influence/inspiration as an artist?

I have been part of many concerts, I was into the rave scene back in the day. But one time I saw Björk live (we are talking about homogenic and vespertine times) and watching her perform grabbed my soul and it was the first impulse in my life. She has always a big drive for me. At that time, I didn’t know about other artists that were really representing “themselves” as an artist and not just a singer.

Have you ever gotten the chance to meet Björk?

For the Biophilia tour in Manchester (a couple of years ago) and I was really, really close to her. She did the gig and at a moment I was even closer, but I am not really a Fan person, so I was looking at her and thinking I can go to her and say what she means to me but maybe she just wants to get changed, chill out and have a drink instead of having another person of off the thousands of people there come and say the same thing.


Like I said, I am not a big fan person. But I am sure I can tell her everything without having to say a word to her.

Veronika Vesper

Let’s talk about what you have ready for your debut – Fuck The Ego and your trailer for “Suffocate” really gets attention at first sight for your Space Pop debut.

My debut album is very electronic, very diverse; I had this really dark side in my life and with time I have been able to come to an inner “light side”. I really wanted to express that on my debut, tell my life story in a way and my main goal is to inspire people and pass the message that even if situations get pretty dark – there is always a light side out there. CHEESY, I KNOW. I can’t talk much about it now because it is a surprise, but it is coming pretty soon. It is called ONE.

Any advise for upcoming artist that are trying to make a name of themselves

I am about all or nothing. If you decide to do this, you have to put every bit of yourself into it and be ready to slip, stand up and do anything. Motivation is really important and it is important to know why are you doing it, and hopefully it is not just for “fame”. Love you work, OWN it and be ready to share it with the world.

Fuck The Ego by Veronika Vesper is available on iTunes.

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