There is no more head scratching to be doing with regard to whom of the sibling duo Electrovamp is Tammy or Kally, nope, since we last covered the girls putting their “Hands Up” with Keenan Cahill, the sassy twosome jumped off of the pop music radar for a bit, and have been fixing up new material and by the looks of it fixing up their hair to bring us an even brighter vision of Electrovamp than we have encountered before. (For those of you still pondering it is “Tammy” who has now morphed into a blonde bombshell).

Marking their return to the euphoric dance pop arena, Electrovamp reveal the Matt Eriksson created lyric video, which is also inclusive of the Liam Curry single art, to the dizzying, strobe like injected new release “Instinctual”.

Instinctual” is a track in-keeping of it’s lyrical meaning whereby, it is easy peasy to get carried away by the pounding dance beats, to instinctively raise lofty palms to the air and indulge in a bit of ad-hoc happy dancing.

This is just the lyric video n’all yet, Tammy and Kally have certainly got us busting the moves already, so can we just begin to imagine how dance crazy we’re going to get when these vamps turn out the full video proper.

Totes likely as not we’ll be dancing queens.