Hello EQs.  Well I am in Washington DC at the moment for work and I’m uber busy, but thought I’d take 5 mins to post you something…you see, I just love London so much and a few weeks ago I posted this on my MySpace blog.  And just today I caught myself singing ‘I Love London’ by one of my favourite singers, Tommy Page.  So raise your pint high and toast London today wherever you are.  I can honestly say that I am a little homesick being away from Geri and Ronnie…sigh.  It must be love.

From EQ’s MySpace blog published 9 July 2007

I totally had a realisation this past weekend that London is just the best city to live in.  I don’t think there is another city I could live in.  Barcelona and San Francisco come close but still are no comparison to London.  I dunno why I am writing this, but here are my top 10 reasons why I love London and have for 7 + years now…

10.  It’s close to everywhere…jump on a cheap flight and you’re instantly transported to another world.  Loving it.

9.  It’s a bigger melting pot than New York City.  I never met an Australian until I moved here!  Walk down Oxford Street (if you can bear it) and you’ll hear almost every language spoken within 30 minutes.

8. London is constantly transforming.  We are actually very excited about the urban growth and development that is happening in my area of East London due to the Olympics and West London gets better and better every year. 

7.  I can marry my boyfriend if I want to.  The Civil Partnership office is just right at the end of my street.  How romantic.

6.  Whole Foods Market in Kensington and Fresh & Wild in Soho.  Heavenly.

5.  They are going to put air conditioning on the tube…or at least they say.  If it actually happens, this will be a perfect city in my opinion.

4.  The British pound is so valauble, that anywhere you go outside of the UK, you get more for your money.  It’s tough cookies for tourists though…ouch.

3.  If you love celeb spotting like me…you can’t find a better place than London to see celebs walking down the street – it’s silly, but still kinda fun.  I almost died last week when Uma Thurman was standing opposite me near a post office in Holborn!

2.  The music – rocks.  Sure some of the pop music here is sugary sweet but we have the best music in the whole fucking world.

1.  You can be as queer as you want to.  And nobody gives a shit.

Lyrics to Tommy Page’s ‘I Love London’

A beautiful night, is not a beautiful night
It’s another night, without you
I felt that way, on a beautiful day
So far away from you
I was walking sadly, in Hyde Park.
And you were on my mind
I said to myself if you were only here
We’d have the best of time

I love London, you would too
There’s nothing in the world
that can lift you up
Like a London night can do
I love London, you would too
There’s something in the air
That I’d love to share
A London night with you

A special place, in another world
A place you’d want to be
On a summer night, or on any night
a place you’ve got to see

On a London night at the stroke of midnight
I could hear old Big Ben chime
If only you, could be here too
We’d have the best of times