Freestyle music is a lost genre. In the late 80’s and early 90’s I was completely and utterly obsessed with it. It was a bit different than electronica whereas the roots of this Freestyle were born from New York’s Latin American streets whereas electronica’s early masters where from England and Europe.   

What I loved about Freestyle music was that it combined a hip-hop sensibility with an electronic edge – and it worked, however, it only lasted a stretch of maybe six years. Sure some of the beats sounded the same, but the songs…THE SONGS were magic to me. While most of my friends were listening to AC/DC and Garth Brooks where I grew up in Eastern Oregon, I was listening to the best of British electronica like The Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, Thompson Twins, tons of Madonna and the Freestyle artists you see below.

I am surprised that not too many freestyle hits have been re-made. It needs to make a comeback. More on this subject later, but until then, oblige me and retro rewind to some of my favourite freestyle songs of yesteryear…there’s plenty of freestyle music to talk about, so here’s just a sampling of some of my favouites.  Enjoy.

Lisette Melendez
Together Forever

Louder Than Love

Silent Morning

Sweet Sensation
Hooked On You

Sending All My Love

Tommy Page
A Zillion Kisses


Paul Lekakis
Tattoo It

Point Of No Return

Timmy T
One More Try