We’re taking a 5 minute break from the music for a little television culture nonsense now.

It’s no secret, I’m a fan of UK Big Brother and it seems this year, they pulled out all the stops with housemates Mario (Joey/Sly Stallone lookalike) and Lisa being a secret couple, a very cool blind guy named Michael, an albino guy named Darnell and a hugely excitable Vicky Pollard-esqe Rebecca.  But it’s the lady above that has already won my vote and her name is Kathreya!

She’s a 5 foot bundle of cuddly Thai joy from Kent and she loves cookies and massage therapy!  I most certainly already want to be her best friend!  Yellow power peeps!  The smiley Thais are represented on TV finally!

Oh Big Brother, summer has officially started now hasn’t it?!

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