Marlene 1

As one of our favoured upcoming Swedish pop chanteuse’s Marlene keeps on proving that she’s an, on the hot tip game-player with every music move she makes.

From the sultry beginnings with “Bon Voyage” to the dreamy resonance of “Stay Wake”, Marlene turns up on the eclectic indie pop flow in presenting “Indian Summer” the title track off of the newly released EP.

Composed with a prominent jutting piano backbone as the glue between crystalline pure vocals, a hazy synth undercurrent and a chorus break which is awakened with organically tribal initiated chanting.

Marlene’s representation of an “Indian Summer” is quite everything you’d expect to hear if you cupped a seashell to your ear. The sound of paradise. The sound of hitting upon the dusky sundown changeover, especially brought to mind with twinkling piano keys almost uncannily serving purpose as a refrain of evening birdsong.

Marlene’sIndian Summer” is one that will take you to a nice place, so good that just like a summer vacation you won’t wish it too end.