Graffiti 6

It's no secret that I'm totally mad for the sounds of Graffiti 6.  I've been following them since last summer when "Stare Into The Sun" came out.  That was then followed by the "Stone In My Heart" EP which I was quite enamoured with as well.  But with the release of "Annie You Save Me" coming out on July 26th, I just keep seeing this band go from strength-to-strength and it's exciting to witness them getting bigger and bigger by the day.  They already are starting to sell out shows in Europe and fan clubs worldwide are starting to pop up overnight which is always a very good sign…not bad for a band that is doing it all themselves…

You can imagine my excitement when the band invited me to the studio to have a chat with them and watch as they put some of the finishing touches on their brand new album.  I got to hear some of it and from what I heard, the sound of Graffiti 6 just keeps getting even more amazing – the album is going to me mega stellar.  I sat Jamie and Tommy down for a little natter about their unique sound, what we can expect from the album and get their thoughts on the immediate comparisons to Gnarls Barkley that everyone keeps going on about!  You can listen to the first part of our chat below.  Oh and the flapping noise you may hear in the background is actually Tommy's giant dog!  Oh yes, even the dog get's involved in the music – slobber and all!  

Graffiti6 EQ Interview Part 1

Thanks to the guys for recording this little EQ shout out too – it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Keep us bookmarked for part two of our interview with Graffiti 6 which will be coming out next week.  Enjoy some little pics I took of Jamie and Tommy in the studio on the day too after the jump…


Jamie Scott gives us the thumbs up and notice the essential studio recording nibbles that are required on the day…Marks & Spencers Rocky Road nibbly bits – how does Jamie keep his figure when that kinda stuff is in the studio!?


Tommy is one little cheeky chappy – did you know he produced "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred?!  Utterly amazing.