On the back of one performance of their anthem “Unsung Hero” at Popshow in 2007, Discotheque quickly became one of my groups to seriously watch out for. Full of personality, a commanding stage presence and armed with a pop sound that rivals the likes of just about any good Swedish pop act out there, Discotheque brought it to the table with a fierce and fun attitude. But as quickly as they garnered immediate online buzz, the group broke up after one of the original members left and were soon after, foolishly dropped by their management. 

Rising above the false start, Discotheque are back with a vengeance touting a new member, a new pop/club sound and are ready to hit the stage again with glitz, having recorded in the legendary Pete Waterman Studios with a who’s who of songwriters and producers behind them including dance legends The Soul Seekerz and Steve Anderson.

For their very first public interview, Discotheque invited EQ down to the PWL studios in London for a fun chat about the new Discotheque sound, pop heroes, their thoughts on celebrity and a listen to their new tracks “Make It On My Own” written by Steve Anderson and “Something” by Topham & Twigg.

Listen to the Discotheque chat with EQ

I have to say that after listening to their new tracks in the studio, the excitement continues to bubble for this group. I was pleasantly surpised at how mature the vocals are set against the pop/club sound the group has worked so very hard at to perfect. As far as “Unsung Hero” is concerned, it looks unlikely that it will make the album cut as it’s much different than the newer tracks they are working on, but the group did say “never say never” about it, so I guess we’ll just have to wait to see what they slowly unveil over the coming months. If “waiting in anticipation” were a disease, let’s just say, “I’d be dying”.

Thanks to Ben, Glenn, Victoria, Alex and Wayne from Mighty Music for taking the time in letting us have a sneak peek into the new Discotheque re-launch. If you’re yearning for a new pop group in 2009 that will bring the fun factor back with a serious club edge, then make sure you have your target locked on Discotheque. You won’t be disappointed EQs, That I promise you!

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