by Peter Wilson

Little Comets album is now available to friends on Facebook here: Simply ‘Like’ the band to stream the entire album, a whole two weeks ahead of its official release.

I was ecstatic to learn that one of my all-time-favourite, longest-followed and much-admired bands Little Comets have released their debut album – and it’s about bloody time! Way back in 2007 I stumbled upon Little Comets on this old and now defunct website called MySpace? It was the early hours of the morning, and I was desperately trying to find a band which didn’t compelte suck ass. I succeeded and LC passed beyond any imagined celilings of expectation.

My affection for this band rivals even that of darling Marina and the Diamonds. They are easily the most ecletic, energetic, excitable, and-pretty-much-any-other-word-beginning-with-e band I have ever seen live (entertaining, exuberant, exotic, ever-loving?) I got the pleasure of working for them at several gigs in and around where I lived in the Midlands last year. The lads treated me like a mate and I look fondly back on the times I spent with them backstage at venues; drinking, playing stupid throwing games, drinking, splitting my trousers open, drinking etc etc.

Now enough gushing on my behalf… THE ALBUM WILL BLOW YOUR MIND. Tired of auto-tuned tripe about being ‘in da club’ and everyone being ‘well jealous of my bitches’? Horrified by the amount of electro-snythetic hollow twaddle that is being pumped out of bars like an open sewer? Even if you love that cheese (guilty here) then you will still search after seeing these elusive guys live. The experience is priceless, raw and magnificent. Bring a pot to hang on their washingline if you want, get involved! In terms of songs, if you want something to dance to, then look no further than the aptly named ‘Dancing Song’. Believe it or not this ones for dancing.

Adultery remains one of my favourite choons. Rob, the lyrical genius behind most of the songs, creates a delectable portryal of promiscuity in this ferociously catchy and equally impressive number. I still find myself breaking out into “THIS IS A TALE OF A BOY OF A MAN OF A GIRL OF A WIFE” whenever a whim takes me (usually I’m naked or entering a room full of talking people). Lost Time and One Night In October are easily soaked up by your hungry mind; you may find yourself involuntarily dancing or hitting imaginary drumkits…
LC venture forth into grey areas of genre classification, but don’t wonder off and get lost in their own creativity. Each song is crafted to a level of exact mastery, and yet still remains refreshingly acoustically crunchy, full of climatic harmonies and crooning vocals. This is easily one of the best albums that will be released this year, so, why are you still reading this? iTunes awaits your feverent clicking.

Oh and don’t miss out on a chance to see these guys live! They sell out fast, don’t say I didn’t warn you!


Please ignore my ginger hair :'(.