Imogen Heap recently took part in a "Thrillercast" on Michael Jackson’s website in which she talks about her relation to Michael Jackson growing up.  Take a listen here to experience Imogen talking about how Michael Jackson influenced her as an artist and how she even wanted to attend Sunday school to be more like the gloved-one himself!  It’s an interesting story!

I have to say, re-releasing "Thriller" was probably the best PR move Michael Jackson has done in years.  Everyone is reminiscing about Michael Jackson’s good old days and in light of all the negative PR Wacko Jacko gets, it’s really nice to see people remembering how this album shaped them growing up.  It’s been 25 years since the release of "Thriller" but it still sounds as fresh and innovative now as it did back then.  And Imogen Heap does some crazy MJ sound-effects that you must check out on the linkage above!

Shamone!  (sp-but is it a word?)

Michael Jackson and Imogen Heap – we salute you.

PS – And on the subject of Jackson – might I also say that I fucking love Janet Jackson’s new video and song to "Rock With U" which I just saw yesterday over at ModFab.  It’s a return to form for Miss-Jackson-If-Ya-Nasty and I’m thrilled to death.  It’s like 1987 all over again – Janet and Paula back in the mix.  Give it a whirl EQs!