Imogen Heap is innovation incarnate.  

Awhile ago she called upon her Twitter followers to help her re-create her new biography in support of her upcoming album "Ellipse" and just today she has unveiled the completed bio – which is an enthusiastic and reflective look at her accomplishments so far as a musician and forward-thinking innovator.  

It's surprising how much Twitter is changing and evolving.  At first I didn't think it would win out over the Facebook battle, but I myself have become addicted to Twitter the past month.  I've quite annoyingly missed my train stops a few times due to tweeting and have even changed my morning train route to one that is more 3G friendly – just so I can read morning tweets (Imogen's tweets are amazing) and do my tweet spurting on the way home. Hits to EQ have gone up considerably since I've started tweeting as well and I have discovered quite a few new music blogs that I've become addicted to through Twitter.

It's a changing digital world we live in and I'm so glad that artists like Imogen Heap are embracing the technology to help push the music industry forward into Music 2.0 – all the while staying connected to the people who are buying her records.