Ahem.  Well that was just one of the choice phrases shouted to Darren Hayes last night at his Club Delicacy performance at the Soho Revue BarDarren Hayes was his usual brilliant, witty and funny-self last night and due to a technical hitch involving the drum kit, the audience were treated to two impromptu Savage Garden songs in addition to the already amazing setlist before the ‘Void’ encore…

Darren performed a touching version of ‘I Don’t Know You Anymore’ which apparently he hasn’t sang in 7 years!  The blasted drum kit still wasn’t working after the song, so Darren joked, "OK Shave, this is the part of the show where we have to pull something amazing out of our butts…"  That amazing little treat was ‘To The Moon and Back’.  Fabulous.

Here are a couple other fun bits…

  • Darren laughed and said that before he got married, he used to get teddy bears and now tents are being pitched for him….he doesn’t know what’s worse, but he is flattered…and for 17 pounds…he isn’t going to strip for you.
  • Before singing ‘How To Build A Time Machine’, Darren told a funny story about how when he was young he told someone he had a crush on them and they didn’t quite feel the same way (sadly) and responded, "You know your dad, he’s my type".  Hilarious.
  • Darren on Eurovision:  "Isn’t the British entry scary?  I’ll give you Eurovison…I’m the original Eurovision contestant".  Proper.  Yeah we thinks Scooch are ripping off Pam Ann completley…now that would have been a Eurovision we would have watched.
  • Someone shouts…"Isle of Man loves you!"  Darren reacts…"The Isle Of Man…sounds like a NICEEEE place."
  • Some of the bar staff drop glasses during an intimate moment of the show.  Darren says: "What a reaction!  I think those are the Dannii Minogue fans queing up."
  • And finally…Antigone’s mother is uber fabulous.  During the entirety of Antigone’s set – she was dancing away like a hot disco mama at Studio 54.  It made us feel a bit sentimental.

Stay tuned EQs…we will be giving away more Club Delicacy tickets for the June performances in London and if you in North America, Darren is bringing the show to a few key cities (San Fran yay!) and you can get all the info on his MySpace page.

PS – Newly converted Darren Hayes fan Geri and I were treated to a pole-dancin number of ‘Don’t Cha’ by the Pussycat dolls on the Central Line by a drunken G-A-Y reject on the way home.  Only in London.

PSS – How special to meet the lovely Manu who traveled all the way from Milan to see the show.  She’s amazing and ‘So Beautiful’ and you should give her some kudos over at MySpace.