A Thousand Fires 2

Heads up on the next instalment of A Thousand Fires EP trilogy “RebelLoverLiar” is with us.

Coury Palermo and Philip Zach present a further cultivated and diversified alt-pop ballad “I’m Yours” off of the upcoming “Lover EP”.

Replete with a shadow of timely orchestration beneath it’s stringed and liberally percussion leaning exterior, “I’m Yours” reacquaints with the tenderly delivered unimpeachably affecting vocal harmonies, illuminating fully upon the defining substance of lyrical narrative, of pledging love and commitment.

Quite probably you’ll find “I’m Yours” is amongst an elect group of definitive contemporary love ballads, you’d wholeheartedly yearn for someone to pen with yourself in mind.

I’m Yours” is neither overtly sentimental or schmaltzy, it’s unadulteratedly heartfelt and earnestly sincere, whilst being a shining example of excellently executed tune making.