Hey EQs…

We are taking a little holiday as of tomorrow so wanted to let you know that I probably won’t be posting much between now and Monday.  Geri and I are off to Palermo to primarily attend a wedding, however I also have the joy and pressure of "meeting the family".  Excited and shitting myself all at the same time!  Leave us some fun comments while we are away in this post (we DO expect mucho comments from EQs Megan, Mandy, Nelson and Stephan!!!) and I’ll keep you updated on my totally excellent Italian adventure with my little Italian noodle (god I know I am gonna gain like 2 stone from all the good Italian food).  Until then, enjoy The Ultrasonics and Switch22 interviews below and take some time to get to know some of the other fabulous blogs listed in the links section!  If you are free on June 9th too and want to see Darren Hayes at the Soho Revue Bar, see details here.

Update: Check this out too – Popjustice has some new Darren Hayes samples of his new single ‘On The Verge Of Something Wonderful’ and ‘Me, Myself and I’ that you should check out.

Hugz and all that shizz – Raj 🙂