Cheryl Cole pic 2

You know, I've never been much of a Girls Aloud fan – yeah, they're ok but I don't go as gaga for them as some of my other bloggie friends do. But, I have to say I am slowly falling charmed to Cheryl Cole. Ever since she's taken over Sharon Osbourne's spot on X-Factor, I have come to find her completely endearing and real. "Fight For This Love" isn't the most ground-breaking pop single right now, but I'm hoping the copy of her new album "3 Words" that's sitting on my desk will change my mind when I finally get around to listening to it.

So why the post on Cheryl Cole this Tuesday evening you ask?  Well it seems girlfriend will be hosting a live webcast, courtesy of MySpace on Thursday, October 22nd at 5:30pm UK Time where she will take all your questions – as candid as they may be – sorta like an interactive interview. 

Why is this interesting?  Well, most of you don't know that I do live webcasts everyday in my day job and I think they are fucking cool and it's really nifty that Cheryl Cole is doing this sort of thing now – it's very cutting edge, it's very now and it's a very good use of new media that more artists should be embracing more.  But it's kinda expensive though and well, something tells me Cheryl Cole can afford it.

So, to get the chance to have Cheryl Cole's undivided attention for an hour or so, you are invited to submit your questions early by visiting the webcast blog or by visiting Cheryl's profile on the day to watch and talk to her live via webcast.  Yes, you can ask her things like "what colour is her underwear", "does she fancy any of her X-Factor boys" or even if she thinks Simon Cowell is a disgusting swine…well don't ask that – she'll probably have some sorta well-worded media training answer to that question.

And Cheryl honey, if you want to do this sorta thing more often, I'll cut you a deal on webcasting…and that goes for any EQ act that may want to start embracing the live interweb…