Ahhh…it’s Tuesday here in London and the air is brisk and happiness is in the air.  We think it’s a rather good time to rant again today.  Wanna join us?

  1. Don’t Stop The Pop – has a really good interview with Electric Dolls’ Lynsey.  We like DSTP and Lynsey equally, so go check it out!
  2. SPOTTED: Rufus Wainwright enjoying a coffee at Starbucks on New Oxford Street and Imogen Heap eating a sandwich and looking amazingly Imogen Heap-like on regular Oxford Street on Thursday.
  3. Apologies go out to Darren Hayes fan Joyce – we’re sorry for calling you a ‘super fan’.  We meant it in a loving and positive way and you really made a precious impression on us at Club Delicacy.  Hugs?
  4. We are kinda liking new artist Young Love.  We are pretty sure Arjan Writes discovered him awhile ago and we didn’t pay attention, but check out his MySpace here.  We hear his album ‘Too Young To Fight It’ is a mixture of indy and electro…which could be very very interesting.
  5. Josh Harris has been nominated for remixer of the year at the 22nd Internatinal Dance Music Awards.  Voting has closed, but good luck to him – his remix album ‘Distortion On The Dancefloor’ is fierce which features remixes of The Killers and Chicane.  Preview some of the tracks on his MySpace.
  6. Self-proclaimed "Not Quite As Skinny As Mika" Calvin Harris releases ‘Acceptable In The 80’s’.  The more and more we listen to this song, we just love it.  Check out his MySpace and go and purchase this fun electro diddy.
  7. Does camp ex-Big Brother contestant Kemal stand to have his dream come true by winning the Eurovision Song contest?  We are actually sort of looking forward to seeing him perform at Popshow on 28th March!  And check out his MySpace – his song isn’t half bad and he sounds much butcher than you would think!
  8. Paul Zapping has discovered new pop act Discotheque who will also be performing at Popshow.  Their track ‘Unsung Hero’ is quite fun and very Alacazar-esqe.  We love it – thanks Paul!
  9. Madison continues to rule the EQ Electro Chart with ‘Move Your Ass’.  We hear he’s working on a new track called ‘Club’ which we are in heavy anticipation for.
  10. And finally we leave you with Jacob Golden.  We’ve mentioned Jacob from time to time and he’s now officially released his brilliant angsty and poignant album ‘Revenge Songs’ which is available to purchase and download on his official website.  Our favourite song is ‘On A Saturday’ and it’s confirmed now to be on the last ever episode of The OC.  Congrats Jacob.  We hope you sell lots and lots of albums!  Click image below to be taken to Jacob’s site for instructions on how to buy ‘Revenge Songs’.